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GhettoManga Chef Kiss!

This is my favorite I9ON joint I've heard. This one snatched me from the intro and never let go.

Very cohesive. The Tao shit, the Allan Watts, the samples and cuts.

Nothing is wasted or inappropriate.

Reminds me of the classic Gza couplet:

"I don't waste ink. Nigga I think
And drop megaton bombs more faster than ya blink"

I9ON and Chinch 33 fused together perfectly.

I'm gonna be spinning this one for a while.
One of my favorite records of the year.
GhettoManga.com Favorite track: I <3 Culture.
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SMS 02:52
It go 1 for the unity 2 for the beauty 3 for possibilities 4 is the duty Keep it peace as a Sunni Spirit the only thing that move me Music like an Ark Riding to the top Absolutely Why shoot me I’m just the messenger Malcolm Martin Blessing ya How come we still got Such a mess to clear who investing what And where I’m pressing X’d out fear Testing like a litmus All in ya ear I’m glad you think it’s your year Are you seizing the day? What reasons you pray? Please say something other than pay Teach ya a lil secret Just give thanks And ask for the right path The light shows you the way It starts in ya gut Then sparked by the heart That’s the energetic flow Of manifesting your thoughts Soul in control Hop down off the cross The Christ light reflects From within straight from the source It go 1 for the unity 2 for the beauty 3 for possibilities 4 is the duty Enough of the cruelty And these slave ass movies I need solid history Homage to Knowledge Facts over mystery Been studying ways of the Sufi Al Ghazali and Rumi Allah live through me I give truly my heart Jewelery like a ruby Emancipation Natural right Liberation Abundance of Mansa Musa Work to build a whole nation Enhance ya medulla With higher vibration musica Energy is infinite Constant producer I’m pacing while most In a sprint racing Cheese chasing Life wasting Lack toes intolerant Got ten down on the ground Honoring Every step prominent Leave my mark for the anthropologists
I gotta Nack for bars Type Ill Snack on a million Shits just a Feelin Y’all fetch far Fuck luxury cars I crashed a couple out the bars Next Hardy har har Can’t touch me wit lard Dog gone God on scene Rock and a hard Taste the places I’ve seen Stream bytes Fein s like Dope shit fuck yeah I wrote this Romancing not hopeless Focused leavem wit some quote this Who the fuck these other jokers No names dropped Just lyrically raw law notice Walk like I’m potus No smoke and mirror hocus pocus Respect step live in effect Check 1 2 I9ON just not brand new Mental locked on can do Yeah I got an attitude With who ever saying can’t Move out the way Always looking like I’m bout to spray These cockroaches Need some life coaches Whoring like thots for roses Posers couldn’t tap in to the culture If they had a lotus Forward motion Game no chokers Ocean flow Don’t compare me to these garden hoses Grass ain’t always greener Bet my bud the meanest tho Genius ya genus tarda yo A larva and I’m Fly full grown Rap shit I got it sewn I spit crack on a purple microphone You can’t afford this smoke On a payday loan Go home You ain’t cut for a throne Many come But only few are chosen How you fire When I leave ya frozen Stiff ya bish
I <3 Culture 02:17
Woke the iron dragon cloak n daggers Check the Mayans calendar status He the baddest in the land with mic in hand The Masked man father of horror Stanzas Tomorrow ape shit go more bananas Throwback Tony Danza Bossin around Angela A hairy situation, tarantula Gargantuan carry a whole nation More Flavaa than Fanta Another bar bonanza Dart slinging extravaganza Coco no cabana Loco wit vocal Put Miranda in a chokehold Flow so cold Brain freeze at absolute threshold Tenfold Been around the globe like the common cold Bless u wit Acapulco gold Finesse grooves Like turn table needles Can't burn a copy of the sequel No equal old school better yet Medieval Stretched on the rack how I leave you Before I eat you like I see food
As Above so underground My love for sound Made me an audiophile Don’t you copy the style I serve clones with a smile Swerve dopes like Driving down methadone mile Snatch hope Block all ya social Profiles Low down Dirty Yet still crown worthy I bet a hunnit burpees Could never un earth me Well grounded Nothing b.u.t. shells rounding Enough wit bars Let’s callem well balanced I’m helluva challenge Go tell ya stallion Snatching medallions And whole loaves I just might eat ya soul Black Star Make space time null Freeze frame mode Make off with payloads Off shore off planet I gotta galactic advantage That’s huge If ya kinda confused Purple aura So far out the box Of pandora Want all the smoke Like a man in a fedora
One Punch 00:56
I’m Cocky call me Ron Jeremy Baby all I got is long sessions of therapy Pay me what u weighin The bigger the better For playing I'm super what u saying Love Money beats n rhymes A few frisky felines I9ON stay on his hustle Nippy learned his from mine Aight someone of my kind Hummin to my vibes Stunning at all times However u slice it The pie cream wit a layer of icing Just no biting Get ya own This my throne Stage my home Age unknown My ways is shown And proven to keep it movin Like autozone I gotta bone to pick Wit those who spit Preschool lyrics And strut around like they the shit Must be half retarded Playin in the garbage Or maybe it's the lean That gottem sounding like Forrest Run Like u being chased by a tyrannosaurus
Out the box fresh As new born flesh Or some kicks to flex Like ya Sunday best This is a test for all those Who respect the craft The mic blessed by that cat 10 toes down and rock a mask Chinch forged the rhythm Sumn like a sword I swing lyricism Like I’m whipping with mic chords Please hold ya applause Until they stop showing they draws I know I’m showing my ass B.u.t. Def don’t wanna see y’all’s This must be Saturn All these moons passing I’m casting the first stone I ain’t ever sinned with the pen or been known To clone my steez One of one Since the turn of the century Always keep it a buck Hard work not luck My word you can trust Made of the stuff Everybody wanna clutch Got nuff abundance To go around Yet I still can’t be touched Unmatched in sound Pitch a perfect picture Pick of the litter On dawgs Pinch a fat ass log When I drop science splashed All on ya tops Spinning and bending Minds like Ted Talks Walk like an Egyptian Write hieroglyphic inscriptions Spit rhymes encrypted Take these lines so divine Prescriptions Find some wisdom In true vision In no time 5th dimension Gift I’m giving is more than gab Listen as if remembering Something from past Remnants resonant In noble gas Don’t crash Stay on the right path It’s all in the maths Googles artificial You can cee everything crystal Like the Weddell Clarity official I am a rebel To the federation Building across the global Expressing freedom for all get ya soulful initiation
1+9=1 02:52
Absinthe makes the heart grow founder Too much and the liver flow jaundice Ponder this Two ladies with great big gazongas One with mighty left and other the right twice enormous Quick Catch ya jaw before it shatter On the floor Like grandmas glass platter Life’s full of twists Plot unexpected Like that chick ain’t even nut said she was pregnant Know who you crushing and humping around with That Last Wednesday you was outta town I hit All my children a spitting image Or living under my roof It takes a village Don’t be the idiot Tripping over the prettiest Experience shows Those who know know hoes the most insidious Yo silly rabbit Take it slow The tortoise so clever He a mobile home A lesson in everything Stay aware of everything shown Let’s go Don’t feed the wolf who howl everything fowl/foul Swear That owl outside the window just growled A smile only as genuine as the heart Beware the smiles That come with conditional thoughts A fool and his treasure soon part Any mic challenge I’m sure to be twice as hot I heard of this man who had a master plan Cuz all he had was sweat inside his hand Inspired culture domestic and foreign lands Now he’s a God amongst man Persistence is key Wisdom a degree When you know who you are You move effortlessly Trillions of stars in the observable universe For what I’m worth The Shine is priceless As life on earth All great things have their start in the dirt Seed man king Better put in that work Acknowledge the light The dark can make you go bezerk


Wu Wei: the practice of taking no action that is not in accord with the natural course of the universe. In a nutshell, “effortless action” or “not forcing”. This project is a free flowing ensemble of beats and rhymes of the moment captured outside the confines of time. All production, cuts, and scratches by Chinch 33(Germany). When listening be sure to just relax and go with the flow!


released September 9, 2022

Written, recorded, performed, and mixed by I9ON aka ManIn7heMask
Production y Chinch 33 (Germany)
Audio clips used:
Einzelgänger-Taoism: The Power Of Letting Go (YouTube)
Allan Watts audio: The Principle Of Not Forcing (YouTube)


all rights reserved



I9ON aka MaIn7heMask Boston, Massachusetts

Just a soul in love with music!!! Pay me in gold if you choose it!!! Check out my merch(tees hoodies and other goodies) down below last link

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