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SLiM PiCKENS vs Pete Rock

by I9ON aka MaIn7heMask

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many moons ago A sound was born tunes dun blow out the beat box of the norm form the culture of wordsmiths DJ on a remix paint splashed erywhere heads on the floor Adidas in the air break out in dance like a tribal affair the world entranced by moves smoother than Fred Astaire debonair gentlemen from the gutter makin sumthin outta nuthin music butter utter words from the cold world made a mold of the new n old mashed up the soul toes curled this Hip Hop gotcha feelin like ol' girl B-Boys bringin noise cross the planet Jammin aint no fad this wont pass we gone last forever and a day many a craft birthed from skills I display entrepreneurial spirit I must say testimonial hear it straight from the knowledge and wisdom I wear it like a cap to the back Hip Hop is eternal Understand that
DiGiAssassin 01:44
Heres the run down lyrical Kung Pow critical showdown in digitill sound wit dumb files come come now none illa then Sun's styles I hittem from 93 million miles C my shine like Wow vowed to forever blessem wit that essence neva a question Hip Hop the preference my way of life's lessons pressin the best of em Heavyweights to freshman smokem to the resin or my sword just beheadin'em Desitined for glory a thousand and 1 stories warrior mic poet wit a flow so stormy No category to hold me boldly go beyond commercial sounds bore me Im in the laboratory creatin monster songs get my doctor on Honored like Amon the dawn of a digital age the game is now Tron engage in cyberspace u dont even need a place just an interface plug into the matrix latop's the space ship Im in the ether the net is just the basics I stream out ya speakers so u can c clear u hear my words is like Lasik to ya cornea now u c shits gettin cornier Im the killa and the coroner Caution this a warnin brah offin ya wack rappers getta slap fuck dappin ya Brrrrrraaaaaaap!!! Believe That!!!
I'm from where Malcolm got his start a block down from Washington park spark like orange line trains in the dark Heart of the city Boston get busy streets just as gritty as any of the 50 states wake n bake move and shake on ya J-O flippin burgers or yayo however ya day go competition heavy even tho we dont play so hate is high niggas lie to survive bitches just as conivin 85% of the reason niggas dyin cheatin sleepin wit a broad could leave u leakin or eatin snacks in the bay on a 4 year vacay seem like forever sum days but thats just the bitter cold it gets better wit the change of the weather maybe it aint better who needs fairweather friends Dealin wit this city like dealin wit the devil u either fall in line or just be a straight up rebel I'll never settle my mettle to strong and if I need it got the metal .357 long eat it if u ever cross me wrong poke out ya chest!!! man move on Im movin up feelin pullin me down fuck this barrel of crabs Beantown is where Im from but where Im at is all across the map love it and hate it Boston I would never change it Boston is where Im from but where Im at is all acros the map city streets movin like a 50 piece lights out pistol pete maravich fuck police suckafree, suckazfreeze in they tracks a must I sneeze on a stack all them blessings come back rack up trap bucks attract doe ski snow double numbers like Keno pinot grigio Cali luv spirit of many souls rock n roll block tolls lock control stocks grow like the lil ones business as usual killas funerals tax inflation gratification from laughin out the station blatent disreguard God spit a ligntnin rod shocker bars hit harder than bars thats lockya yard dog bah bah black sheep math speak RAMS gazzilion runnin thru pavillions numbined by the feelin livin doin numbers to break the millions ceiling sky high dealin wit a live wire no fly by my nights light city streets
Hands Up 04:42
Reach for the sky putem up like this a stick up beat got me live so this rhyme Ima rip up high as cloud 9 the GOD fly as fizzzuck Widddup lines stuck in my throat so when I hiccup U knowem Im eatin any creatin open they lip up skeetin onem when I buss off niggas so soft as sauce on my pasta Que Te Pasa, U get no ends here this mi casa don't role wit the Hassa King Lion, Mufassa Bring Iron to blastya Blaakka I start a rawkus like Brian Brater&Jarret Myer I be Blowin fiyah on mics haters enquire bout the kid later for them spyin on shit I did I dont cater to the bitch no offense Ladies I luv ya just cant stand the under cover brotha secretly crushin on anotha Eeeeewwww this that Roxbury burial Bossin stereo type aerial Yikes SLiM P. ethereal sumthin like a miracle dem otha cats hysterical with they questionable tales I c thru the smoke and it aint from guns u tote its from all the rocks u kick yeah I got jokes yeah I got quotes too dont make me call the sources I'm livin proof of real truth Ok back to the Future the Rap Lex Luther kryptonite flows for those who pose as super my style lunar most yall like Jupiter a Gaseous Giant get pissed on like a hydrant Dirty McNasty my alias mic tyrant, flavas the tastiest u should try it I bet u like this magnificence finessed by the sickenesst twisted consistent ridiculous ever witnessed Im the Show stopper, my flows proper Doe Gwapa, the Hoe squasha the Moe I go u know aint nada on they job in Hip Hop lyrical doctor science to rock ya wit preciseness ya dollar suffices but really I'm priceless righteous wit devices render the weak lifeless my speech entices shorties screech they think Im wifeless Good grief we can hang and have a good chief but the wood piece, stay in the briefs aint no could bees I luv the fans but damn u groupies the plan is a iLLion bucks not fucks buildin trust that be the way U screw it up, get it but if u threw it up Id prolly hit it so No temptations just mental sensations simple stimulation cooperation to a solid foundation
Anti-Gravity 01:31
Ok u niggas is Fly but none of yall as bad as me Im anti-gravity yeah U can try c this heres mastery SLiM rhyme magically blast me in ya speakers ya boy Hi-Fi No lie real talk Mamis'll tell ya I knock they heels off ya fella a G boss smell me Im reefas on this Mic Ima creature eatcha like pizza niggas is slices Im a whole pie I'll take ya ices back to Africa and fund a whole tribe Robin Hood yall robbin the hood my props is good u gets no pass in the streets u ass the streets just laugh at ya weak rap eat crap and die only thing u pop is charts cmon fuckin guy Im hotta than the Sun in July u warm as dog doo Im a scoop u, and bury that shit wit live flava, MC innovator my mind major gator designs line ery rhyme playa u simpin playin like rumplestiltskin this is a freestyle, but Fuck U pay me the lady killa ya Big Gorilla U can be Kong Nigga but remember GODz illa so fix yo face after this fire hitya ripya in half, and throw ya shit in the trash
Stylistic 03:27
Double back double barrel rap muzzle that bull crap black out no doubt ya man SLiM P back all out rawness the bars is flawless on the same route as a starship I fly so high it could make u nauseous best use caution approachin a King outta Boston step in to my Garden but make sure ya skills sharpened swordsman choppin heads off the common dirty rotten scoundrel heart hardened from livin in the bowels of the beast I need council make sure u bring a towel leavem wet as a mutha aint anotha who could bussa rhyme like mine gutter pro turn the drummer to butter rolls the hunger grows erytime I hear a sucka flow givem no buffer zone gotta makem suffer so I go harder for the dollar clobber ya klubber lang bell aint rang mic rocker slaughter flame starter spark ya brain beat boxer rhyme author drop lines insane blakkaa Im like Blanka Chewbakka straight monsta Harbor Hustla off the docks and blocks walk n talk like a mobster have ya body hidden on the ocean floor stuffed in a locker Fuck Peter Parker Im a Jedi wit the red eyes only fux wit Family Tyz neva them Fancy guyz Nancy boys dildos in they pockets shoppin at the candy store sweet muthafuckas aint cool no more suck a light saber and watch the paper stack Hi Hater take 10 steps back I dont work wit flakes that be fakin jacks Im makin crack so smoke on that or puttit on wax and add sum scratch SLiM PiCKENS stamped the map in ery thoro burrough Its a WRAP!!! believe that Auto-matic I gotsta have it Sumthin like a classic the art mastered sound is massive I got the beat captive spittin acid I can melt ya face bastard in these streets Im so active elite MC perform mic magic like spray paint grafitti my words' graphic everlasting flow elastic snap on the bank roll puffin dank grown in fish tank bowl blow like the snow on top Aspen in colorado Shoot my mouth off but aint nuttin bout it hollow more like a rhino lines designed to pierce ya mind rhyme psycho Killa Norman Bates none illa call me SLiM P. the Great command the stage like the mic a 12 gauge erybody put ya hands up niggas pull ya pants up shorty pull ya pants down its crazy the control u got witta dope sound Hahahahahaha Tellem who killed it Now!!!
I gotta new plan New ideas True fam thru the years moved grams now move fans music to ya ears no fears save the tears follow me c how I take it there dream into reality cheers to the hard work here's to the Gods worth frontiered thru odd smirks hurdled obstacles and deaded snakes that lurked exposed the fakes that jerked off wit they face that hurt Ima make my mark Shine on the Haters in the dark spark later for them sharks this voyage I embark Im the captain of the Ark Master of the Art Hip Hop ya dont stop chapters to be dropped I neva skip a beat my heart all in suffered thru defeats but I learned from them Hustle to compete amongst the elite I must win flow like a gust of wind breezy thrust angels trustin men So I trust in them guiding lights Justice's flight to Zen senses heightened enlightened ready to brighten the days of all I fight as a Titan tearin down the walls!!!
True Master 03:32
unique speech leak between the cheeks of the freak natural soul meek mystique capture who seek the master technique chic flow speak oh so sleek critique no no u weak go tweak ya own clique!!! creeka whatever Ima creature double feature teachya to flow style ether control like ceasar its all leisure smoke mics like reefer true religion make u a believer from the bleachers to the stage fever for a flava wage a steamer for the hate cause a seizure to the fake eat ya like sum cake the speaker of the ages got pages of rhymes to blow ya mind phrases and lines gold mines bars of all kinds no traces of bitten in anything written Im spittin aces Hip Hop raised this all praises due to u know who The Most High I'll take u beyond the blue sky thats how I do FiiiYAH!!! Fiyah Fiyah Fiyah none Flyer, Flyer take ya Higher Higher Higher bid adieu to the wack rap kung fu back smack ery last trash act my debut jet black jet pack betta get up on that DiGiTiLL combat fly as a tomcat at mach 5 breakin sound barriers SLiM P. stay LIVE!!! carry ya to new heights blue light special to nice to ever settle the rebel outta Boston mettle hardened by the streets most get lost in they sterile I'm potent getcha open like a token my appreciation is elevation deliver like a postman congratulation no stagnatin allowed Black and I'm proud revelation Move crowds wit smooth styles gottem like Oooooh Child this dude is tooo wild old soul wit new sounds True Master hold it down underground and above I gets nuttin but love So whats the Hub Bub, Bub? I get it in Rockin Rock Rockin Non stop Play to win aimin on em Yo watch watch the Drop Game on Flame on like Johnny storm I was born to do this Master true form Stupid
Alotta Soul 05:22
El Magnifico who gotta illa flow Really tho Rock a party gotcha body movin Here we go turn up the stereo now make ya hands clap check the scenario ladies u know u all that fellas Yeah take off the ball caps get off the wall black here for goodtimes relax surounded by dimes get ya dapper on have a chat or sumthin u could meet cha wife 2nite if ya play cards right dancin under star light the grown and sexy we just livin the life croon a sweet tune like the horns on a blue moon spoonin on the dance floor soon to be a lil more maybe in the mornin u'll be pornin so for right now we gettin it on'n On till the break dawn so shake ya jont to the end of the song this where u belong A toast to the Good life and them good nights came along way from the hood fights and bein the misunderstood type what it look like how it should right Mamis rap wit me yall lookin sexy mix and mingle thats the recipe U single? if not let'er B letter B A C K off dont play wit monogomy thats how the drama spray off all these luvly women must be trippin aint dippin in nobody kool aid thats how 2catch a whippin only way I get played is if the record spinnin or they put me in a video game Yeah big pimpin Lobster and shrimp'n a bottle of frenchn party like sum mobsters good fella intentions Representit!!! lite up a stoge such a blessed event We gettin it in!!! Tonite we all Family n Friends A win win Let the groove lift ya spirits up to the heavens feel it movin wit my sisters steppin wit my bredren healin from all the days stresses this the vibe I deal wit to count my blessins No questions just reflection of all the lessons to date fate is erything u can make happen so whats crackin the goal is to be great intelligent talk wit smarter action passion to build an estate Celebrate life to the fullest toss the bull-ish away, no place here for that today Ok this grown folk music my poems provoke movement stone cold fluid Rockin Stephanovici so deeply rooted take it to the streets or zoot suited Jazz Club Live 2nite Show n Provin SLiM Coolin doin it right on the mic I'll never lose it Aight Let all ya pain go leave it at the door dont bring that mess in here we in Party mode all the ladies lookin fine fellas ready to wine n dine aint nuthin but grown folks raise ya glasses lets have a toast
FlyShit 02:12
Im addicted to this fly shit many dun tried it but couldn't keep up wit ya Highness Im real bias when it comes to the Stylins I love Hip Hop if u aint gettin money Please be quiet they say silence is golden So I must be platinum n diamonds so loud and outspoken leavem frozen my flow so cold oh so bold like Ocho Cinco I aint playin but if I was Id be yelling BINGO cuz the lingo attractem like a kilo of that gringo gringas u can get the penga or the middle finga put me on ya team I'll be the ringa Dope rhyme slinger gottem singin along neva skippin a song mamas strippin down to the thong they gettin off while Im gettin it on Im comitted crazy for paper admit it Im gone long doe Ima trynta grow a hunnit yard lawn big ass yacht leakin oil like Exon A don's don Sean John Sean Carter Sean I gotta go harder than Atilla for that Skrilla conquer and pillage straight killin any track rape it like a village put it on lock like a block wit this rap Im one of the illest privileged erything spit is vintage Them Pop guys couldnt fuck wit me even if they ate a can'o spinach man u finished and Im just startin plannin my Bizness long time coming feel like I been biddin nows the time to put ya bid in ya get it lets get it
Flow 02:28
I don't chase waterfalls I stick to the rivers deliver Ice cold flows to make ya shiver show killa instincts distinct nigga witta iLL mind to write lines like scripture picture me rolling Im a ball bowling over pin heads a soldier been said closure for dem dead from my poison pen the venom dun spread cross the globe started a pandemic Angelic magnetic entity ebony energy heredity of cherokee guarantee to leave a legacy on this M-I-C them I see just cant fux wit me Suckas dun watered down the game aint no flava in em mang don't even know how this Hip Hop came they just jump in for fame later for ya "lil" name I aint talkin Wayne Im talkin to u "lil" lames doin strange thangs for a piece change a shame its allowed but Im a takem out breakem down to the elements my daily regiment excellent resonance elegant eloquance wackness get my excrement yo end is eminent burnem all thats my sentiment bitter taste like sum cinnamon diggin in em my fangs thirsty dirty rhyme bomb sendem gone to them pearly gates early ur not worthy Im the guard to the Hall of the Hip Hop clergy I show no Mercy now scurry along before I hit u wit the GONG!!! BONG!!! Hip Hop Raised me I dont know where u come from Hip Hop made me I am Hip Hop dont make no bums Hip Hop Raised me Hip Hop Made me I am Hip Hop Hip Hop Raised me Hip Hop Raised me Hip Hop dont make no bums Hip Hop made me I dont know where yall come from I am Hip Hop and Hip Hop dont make no Bums
Live(outro) 02:25
All aboard report to the dance floor I know ya hands sore for clappin it up for ya boy got more in store but this the last of the tape hope u enjoyed the ride to provide u an escape so shake ya groove thing no need for mood swings moving on up Winning U should only be losing ya mind from the rhyme I designed rock it like a Gordon Gartrell 1 of a kind Aww Hell Golden Era sound back in full force and of course Im 1 of a handful that could pull it off Mozeltov 2 steppin drink in my right hand mic in my left hand Pete Rock the best man this marriage was destined me and the beat forever wit ya blessings never will I neglect it Hip Hop check in Respect the reflection always comin correct can't be defective Thats the sound of a man working on his game, gaaaame The Culture's live it will not die sculptor of a monumental moment Soul Survive like the Sol in the sky I roll and shine Hold it down for my crown got the art enshrined so the History defined won't be deleted as long as Im breathin and my babies breathin they babies breedin understanding what preceded and how we succeeded and wouldn't be defeated Freed from constraints of mental abuse strengthened our heads and necks flex pop the noose school of self acknowledged the wealth we got juice no excuses the movement eternal Salute


SLiM PiCKENS takes u on a lyrical journey backed by sum of Pete Rock's greatest creations!!! Hip Hop is alive and well, Search Hard its SLiM PiCKENS out here!!!

"This is my mixtape, I selected the beats and spit(period) everything just happened how it did. I wanted it to be live like every 1 who listens was right there wit me as this unfolded!!!"

Shout out to The Chocolate Boy Wunda Mr. Pete Rock, 1 of the illest still doin it!!!



released June 28, 2011

SLiM PiCKENS and Pete Rock




I9ON aka MaIn7heMask Boston, Massachusetts

Just a soul in love with music!!! Pay me in gold if you choose it!!! Check out my merch(tees hoodies and other goodies) down below last link

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